Saturday, March 24, 2012

The girl at the auditions

The Panel that selected the girl

 One thing that the girl always cherishes is the SAE auditions. A year has rolled by since the day she gave her auditions where Shubham asked her whether she wanted to get into SAE because she wanted to learn how to ride a bike, Niran crossed off HTML from her form because she couldn’t say the code to make a link open in a new tab, VG made her promise that no matter what happens, even if her work is not acknowledged, she will never leave the creative team for the technical. 

The girl now is a member of the panel

Today, a year later the girl is on the other side. She has a totally different experience. A year ago, her hands were cold while she was sitting before a panel of 7-8 interviewers shooting different questions to judge her, now is one amongst the panel – playing different roles of a interviewer, critic and  consoler as and when time demands. Situations have changed. Shubham has become more serious, Niran seems calmer, VG hasn’t changed, she did hear him give the same speech to another student, the one which she got to hear a year back herself. And there are many more people who have come into the scene- Madhyama, Rintu, Subhankar, Tejaswi, Saurav, Apoorva, Indra, Shouvik, Nimit, Manali, Daksh, Partha, Abhishek, Rahul, chandap, Samarth, Ashish, Satish, Sohini, Neeru, Garima and obviously the girl herself.

Testing the candidates

Questions asked varied in context and difficulty level to test the interviewee in every field, to extract the best in them.  Each candidate was tested for administration, technical and creative stuff. Even situations were presented to review the candidate’s reaction in such situations. The girl even wondered that how simple topics like value of root 2 or c.c or making a six out of IX can become important criteria for selections.

Rahul and the girl supervising team OMNI

There were a lot of enjoyable moments. Topics like PMC, MUKTI ka MZ4, convincing the dean’s daughter, taking girls in boy’s hostels for orientation, keeping boys and girls separate during DJ night, selling pens and key rings to committee members sent everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. In the third round, the candidates were checked for their capabilities of working in a team, multitasking and completing a set of tasks in a given time under the supervision of second years. Needless to say, everyone did a wonderful job.

The girl was amazed to see the dedication, passion and enthusiasm of the candidates and the team. She saw it all, she lived it all. She had the fun and experience of a lifetime.

As the wheels of life moves on, as the entropy of the universe changes, as days pass by, life moves towards an unknown destination. One batch leaves, the other comes, but the engine will never stop roaring.

The ones who came

Friday, March 9, 2012


I know I said I would be MIA for a while but I really couldn’t concentrate on my studies without a little blogging

The festival of Holi is here. I couldn’t get a more relevant post on this day. Have you ever wondered what does each colour clothes you wear signify? Here’s something I think you will enjoy.

         If you wear RED you are impulsive, excitable, energetic, ambitious and like things to happen quickly when you want them to do so. Red is a good stimulant and the amount of red is directly related to the amount of energy perceived.

        If you wear BLUE you are creative, perceptive, sensitive, intelligent, self-reliant and have a great depth of feeling. You have a good imagination and practical approach to life. Blue invokes calmness and rest. Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. You like to do things in your own time and not be rushed.

     If you wear GREEN you are a cautious person and not inclined to trust others easily. You are an observer in life but don’t wish to get involved more than you are supposed to. Green is seen as tranquil and refreshing

      If you wear WHITE you have a positive, well-balanced and optimistic personality. White projects purity, cleanliness and neutrality. You seek a simplified life-style free from outside pressures

     If you wear BROWN you are a honest, down to earth person who likes a structured supported lifestyle. It signifies stability, reliability and approachability. A lover of the best things life has to offer, you are a sensous type

   If you wear PURPLE you are intuitive and have deep feelings and high aspirations. You are sensitive and compassionate so can be easily imposed upon. You are interested to be the best in everything including friends. 

j        If you wear ORANGE you are competent, self oriented and impatient. Orange is the colour of practicality and creativity. You are excitable and seek dominance over others.

    If you wear BLACK you are a strong willed, opinionated and disciplined person. Black is authoritative and powerful because black can evoke strong emotions too much can be overwhelming. You are too inflexible and too independant.

      If you wear YELLOW you have an interesting and stimulating personality. Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. You like to be active in whatever is going on.