Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Book I Love

I can't be really specific about the types of books I like, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I love to read mystery, detective novels, thrillers, sci-fi or just plain simple over the coffee reads.

One book I recently read which touched my heart was LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT by PREETI SHENOY

I remember picking up this book from crosswords stall at Junction Mall in Durgapur while returning to college after Holi with my dad. I was in a mood for some light reading and I wasn't sure what to take when I saw this one. I took this book as I liked the title and the review on the back cover and thought this would be something I might like. Also I found the price affordable.

Needless to say, I wasn't dissapointed. As soon as I started reading it I was glued to the book until I finished it, even forgetting the fact that I had a lab viva the next morning for which I wasn't even prepared. *oops!*

Coming to the story in brief-

The book revolves around the life of a girl Ankita Sharma who is talented and is a much sort after girl in college. She is already committed to Vaibhav whom she sends letters talking about her daily life, emotions and experiences. Under the company of her friends, she gets into a relationship with abhi, at the same time continuing her love for Vaibhav. After completing her graduation, she gets into one of the top MBA colleges of the country, while abhi couldn't make it. This leads to a end of her relationship with abhi and then she meets Joseph.

Within six months, Ankita lands up in a mental hospital.

What happens to Ankita next? What about Vaibhav, Abhi, Joseph? The book revolves around the breath-taking mystery of these people's lives and Ankita's story!

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