Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My not-so-secret Wishlist

I have always been a fan of Preeti Shenoy’s books. (I have read them all). I love her blog too.She is one of my inspirations. She works really hard to be a good mom as well as a good writer. The best thing I like about her is that we never get to know any of her life’s problems through her blog, or twitter or facebook. She is a lady whose writings spread happiness.
So, a few months ago, I read her book- “The Secret wishlist” and finally I have come up with my own wishlist. It’s huge, and a new point adds up everyday. Well I am a girl who lives in her own fantasy world, and being a 20 year old, I have my own dreams. So here’s my wishlist (please don’t call me crazy)-

Now that I have got a job, I have decided how much money to save every month. I am well aware of the fact that everyone makes plans on how to spend their salary, but I will quote my dad- “A person who doesn’t know how to save money from the first day they get their salary, can never end up learning how to save money.” So in a few years, I plan to have a huge savings.

When I join my job, I want to work really hard and stay long hours at work. I plan to take very little vacation. I want to be the kind of career oriented person you see on television.

I want to visit all of India before I get married.

I want to go on a tour to Europe for my honeymoon. It’s a romantic place and has a rich history and my friends who have been there loves it. (See those savings in point 1 actually makes some sense now)

I want my daughter to grow up and become a doctor. So I guess we have pretty much established the fact that 
I have planned about kids too.

I want a brother or sister for the daughter in point 3. And I want one of my two kids to be adopted and I want to have both kids before I am thirty-five so that there’s enough time for them to settle down before I retire.

I want to stay in a house by the time I am thirty, not an apartment, but a house. It will have a backyard and it’s going be in a very calm and loving neighborhood.

One room in my house is strictly going to be my library. With lots and lots of shelves of books. And there’s gonna be my big study table and a big chair.

I want to learn swimming, and to play the guitar, and I want to learn Salsa.

I want my name to be in Wikipedia before I turn forty.


anwesa banerjee said...

You just made me smile girl.. :) all the best.. may you get all you desire for & more..

Sanchita Roy said...

loved the last point.. keep it up!