Saturday, February 11, 2012

The DBB Guys

written on 13th may 2011

                                              ...............................................the best final years

One thing I am really grateful to NITDGP for giving me is some really good seniors. The DBB guys in our final year are worth mentioning-Aritra Biswas, Dibyo sarkar ,Sankha subhra chatterjee. MLZ and my RP made me meet these guys. Even before my cross calls started I was scared of them because of the fact that my zonemate was called up by a senior and informed that they were planning to make us write a whole newspaper!!!!
And even after meeting them during our first cross calls I was scared of them too. Though my zonemate said that these seniors are not at all that scary but nothing could relieve me. That was because during my first four cross calls we were scolded by sankha da and I personally got scolded by dibyo da. But I was thankful to Dibyo da for one thing- after hearing me sing in my first cross call he told me never to sing again in my life. As a result I was saved from singing in any cross call as he was in final year (SENIORITY FUNDA)

One incident which made me believe that these guys were really good and not scary was the RECSTACY INCIDENT. I was given the task of standing in the oval grounds everyday from 7 am to 7:30 am by some seniors. A few accidents occurred after that and DIbyo da and aritra da came to my rescue for that. Though Dibyo da was angry on me for missing the previous cross call yet he never let that come in that matter and was very supportive. When later in the evening I went to say thanks to him, he asked me why. I told him for supporting me in the morning. He said that he went to back canteen because he was hungry, then he saw there were the zone people sitting there so he came to see what was happening. There was nothing to say thanks in this matter!!!
These seniors of mine were like my own parents- “we can scold our kids as much as we want, but we don’t allow others to scold them”- this was their attitude. They have given us the highest number of treats and even taken the most of my ragging, but even have been most caring.
Ever if I wished to do something I was granted permission without any second question. These guys were always ready to give time to their juniors. I remember while returning after having a stroll in junction mall with my friends I met sankha da in jhoops and they took me out to have a gala time.
I can never forget the last treat we had with them on 5th may afternoon as the next day we were leaving. We really had a quality time with them. When you are with them everything tastes nice. They are really fun to hang out with.
These guys were like my own brothers. I will always cherish each and every moment lived with them.

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