Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Beginnings

I know I have been bad, a very bad blogger, staying away from you so long. But now I am back, and I promise to be less lazy and spend a little more time with you.

The past one year have been really a eventful year. No I don't blame anyone for that, that was exactly what I always wanted. I wanted life to surprise me by the time I turned twenty, give me loads of memories. It did too. My great adventure which landed me in the hospital for three months, depriving me of two of my college fests.... Meeting new people... Friendship, trust, love, betrayal.... and finally growing up. 

Learnt somethings are totally not meant to be, no matter how much you want or how hard you try, and the only thing you have to do in the end is to loosen the strings and let it go. Time heals everything, we just need to give it some time and keep patience. We don't need to change our self for someone, we are all unique in our own way. The only people who will go with us till the end are the ones who can be with us for the way we are. The rest will leave eventually, as they don't belong to our tribe. So it's no use brooding over them.

Finally I am having some good days. The summer vacation kept me a lot busy, and finally after a lot of hard work, today I found the little sapling growing from the seed of my tree I decided to plant 3 months ago. I have cleared ACET and now I am really proud to be a student of INSTITUTE OF ACTUARIES OF INDIA.  Need to work really hard for another 4-5 years to taste the sweet fruit of this tree.

I am leaving for Durgapur tomorrow after which I will concentrate on my internships, the actuarial studies and have also planned to start working on my first novel.

Finally it's time to move on and give my dreams the shape of reality....

P.S.- For those who are wondering what happened to my blog challenge, I am keeping that on hold for sometime, will be completing it when I again feel like it :)


saurabh araiyer said...

guess that ACET have been keeping you busy all the time, right? You made me fall for every word of your third paragraph :)

Raumali Dasgupta said...

My pleasure :)

And ya ACET was what kept me busy since April. And now I am super excited for my new life :D

monika agarwal said...

so happy for you :):) hope you accom-lish all the three with excellence :) wish u all the best:)

Raumali Dasgupta said...

Thanx a lot dii :)

Raumali Dasgupta said...
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