Friday, June 8, 2012

My Five Pet Peeves

*Sigh* I know I am blogging really less and I am even not keeping up with the blog challenge rules... I did have a few reasons for the same-
1. I was busy with my story writing blog, Kaleidoscope
But then the story got over, after I somehow dragged it really slow and it was making screeching sounds :P, so I had to find a different reason...

So I thought of giving this...
2. I am doing a lot of studying lately, I have a exam at the end of the month( Don't ask me any question on this as this will further lead to more questions), and I am doing this thing called Ungineering( Don't tell me to explain what it is), and I was doing some Stanford courses (which I dropped after day two)

But seriously speaking, this was no reason, as I was sleeping more than studying ( I purposely made up reasons for that too), and I studied too late as I was crossing one reason with the another)

So this was another failed reason...

3. So finally I have found the perfect reason, I have become too lazy, and yes please bear with me for that :D

So coming back to today's blog challenge topic, My Five pet peeves, umm, tough but here it goes

1. I hate it when I am doing something really seriously, maybe reading a book or programming and someone texts me or pings me continuously...

 2. It seriously turns me off when I really want to talk to someone and the person doesn't reply back to my text messages.

3. When I am at home and studying, and my mum turns the TV to the loudest volume. 

4. The professor takes attendance the days I don't go.

5. I am given some work when I am feeling too lazy. 

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