Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Ways To Win My Heart

Hmm, really nice topic.... I have always wanted to write about this, but I really don't know how can someone win my heart. 

I just happens, have never noticed how.

But since I really have to make a list, so here it is.... *Deep breath!!*

1. Make me laugh

I don’t like showing off my inner emotions on my face. So you will always find me cheerful and smiling. If you really wanna win my heart make me laugh, I mean a real laugh, which comes from my inside :D

2. Give me attention

People generally consider me a kid. I really hate it when I am talking about something serious and no one listens to me (Actually people never listen to me :’()
So please listen to me when I talk. Even I can talk sense sometimes!

3. Don't hide from me

I hate it when people lie to me and then I find out. It seriously hurts man! Specially when it’s about something close.
Trust me, however big or bad your secret maybe, I do understand.

4. Be Yourself

I don’t like when people change for me. Change makes you miserable. 
Be yourself. If I like you I shall like you for what you are. 
Similarly don’t expect me to change for you.

5. Little treats

 The easiest way to make me happy and smiling is giving me little treats.  It maybe in the form of food, gifts or just simple talk to make me special.  A few jokes to make me smile or just something to make me seem important...

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Dr Roshan said...

cute and sincere.. this is a wonderful challenge to take up:)
I liked point number 3 above all else... because its something that can define a person - his/her ability to cope with his own dark secret and reveal it to those he trusts.