Saturday, May 12, 2012

Something I Feel Strongly About

I am a very melodramatic person, the queen of over-reaction. So it’s natural for me to feel really strongly about everything around me, stronger than I am supposed to.

But since I am supposed to speak about just one topic so here it goes.

I feel strongly about giving attention and importance to a person. I seriously get turned off when I see someone speaking and the person who is supposed to listen doesn’t even care. Dude at least listen to what he/she has to say, then decide whether it’s important or not. You are not the almighty that you will be right always. Even a little word from your so called “INSIGNIFICANT’S” mouth can rule the world sometimes.

Then again let’s say the “INSIGNIFICANT” calls you up or text’s you, sometimes maybe due to some important reason. You don’t even have the basic courtesy to reply back? How busy or important are you? Sometimes I really feel smacking hard on your face for this rudeness of yours!

Just read this and think of how your actions and ignorance may affect the other person, specially when he/she gives you a teeny weeny bit importance in their lives....

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